Measuring Garage Door Springs

 Knowing the accurate length of your garage door spring would enable you to procure the correct type of spring required in the repair or replacement of your garage door. An important aspect is how to measure garage door spring. It is critical for you to get both springs measured, in case of your garage door uses two springs. On the other hand, if your garage door uses a linear system, you have to measure each of the springs. In case your garage door uses a triplex or a duplex system, you need to be aware of all the characteristics of the outer springs and the size of the wire and inside diameter for the inner springs.

Whatever system your garage door might employ, the following instructions should help you in determining the correct dimensions.

Measuring The Length Of The Spring

Although you need to determine the length of the unwound spring, you don’t have to actually unwind the entire spring to measure its length accurately. In case the torsion spring is unwound or unbroken, simply measuring the length of the spring should do it. To measure the length of the spring, you need to take into account the length starting from the first coil on the spring and ending at the last coil of the spring. While measuring, do not include the cones themselves, rather the coils that are on the cone.

Determining The Size Of The Wire

The size of the wire refers to the thickness of the wire that has been used to make the spring. Measuring the wire thickness with micrometers or calipers can often lead to inaccurate readings due to the nature of garage door springs. Instead, the 10 and 20 coil measurement system works better in this circumstance.

Measuring Inside Diameter

 Measuring the inside diameter of the garage door spring can be a little difficult, especially when the spring is mounted on the shaft. Looking for markings on the stationery and winding cones would be an easier course to follow.


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