Programming and Reprogramming Garage Door Remotes

Programming a garage door remote is a routine process if you have automatic garage doors at home. However, if you have newly installed one, you may need help programming or reprogramming your garage door remote. Before you start, it is important to know more about garage door remotes and the types available in the market.

Primarily, there are two main types of remotes i.e. ones with programmable DIP switches and others with rolling frequencies. If you own an older version of garage door remotes, you can program or reprogram it with a few simple steps. Access the garage door opener or the motor unit located in your garage with the help of a sturdy ladder or chair. You should then locate the DIP switches that number between 8 and 12.

You will need help in the moving the switches up and down, depending on the manufacturer’s placement of ‘on’ and ‘off’ positions. You can make use of a pen or a similar pointy object to reach. You can then continue to create a new code by changing the on/off pattern. After you decide your new code, open your transmitter and enter the same code in the sequential on/off pattern. Proceed to test the transmitter and ensure that the light flashes on when you use the remote.

If you own a garage door remote with rolling frequencies, the process is shorter. Begin by accessing the learn button that can be found in numerous colors from green, orange, red, purple and blue. You may also be required to remove a control panel or light bulb before accessing the learn button. After the learn button is activated, you should press the open button within thirty seconds. After you have successfully reprogrammed it, the light as well as audio indicators will go off. Depending on your garage door opener model, you may notice different indicators.

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